Packland process mechanization

Packland procesmechanisatie BV is the worldwide leader in the paint-, glue- and chemical industry, for their packaging of products in boxes and their de-palletising and palletising capabilities.

We are proud that over the last 30 years, the greater part of the most progressive manufacturers worldwide, have chosen our machines to fulfill their needs in packaging and palletising.

What we do

Packland is specialized in costumer-oriented solutions. Our program exists of semi-automatic packaging machinery to complete full-automatic productionlines for packaging: bins (with or without lid), tubes, rectangular storage cans, jerrycans, aerosol cans, bottles, boxes, tubes etc. in boxes and wrap-around cartons. Furthermore, Packland delivers de-palletising and palletising robots, portal robots and can / bucket denesters.

Our own Research and Development division allows you to get to an optimal and custom-made solution.


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