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Packland process mechanization has a wide diversity of palletising solutions. Depending on the speed and the type of product, we will advise you on the best solution. This can range from a stand-alone portal palletiser, to a fully integrated robot palletiser with automatic input and output of pallets.

Packland Flex Portal

The Packland Flex Portal / CE palletiser stacks boxes, buckets and cans on pallets. Optionally this machine can be equipped with automatic pallet in and outfeed. This palletiser is perfectly suitable to place behind a Packland PP6 case packer or Packland Smartpack. Stacking patterns can be easily cr...

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Packland Portal HD

The Packland Portal HD / CE palletiser stacks boxes, buckets and cans on pallets. This palletiser is equipped with upper shafts, which makes this portal palletiser the perfect solution for heavy loads, where multiple products are palletized in one stroke. The maximum capacity per stroke is 180kg. T...

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Packland Robot Palletiser

The Packland Robot Palletiser is the optimal solution for palletising pails, (open top) boxes, cans, etc. Packland uses an ABB IRB 660 4-axis robot. This robot, with a lifting capacity of 180 - 250kg, in combination with a gripperhead developped by Packland makes for an efficient palletiser. Pa...

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