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Packland Portal HD

The Packland Portal HD / CE palletiser stacks boxes, buckets and cans on pallets. This palletiser is equipped with upper shafts, which makes this portal palletiser the perfect solution for heavy loads, where multiple products are palletized in one stroke. The maximum capacity per stroke is 180kg. This palletiser is equipped with pallet magazine and automated pallet in and out feed. Pallet stacking patterns can be easily genereated and saved on the HMI, which gives optimal flexibility.

The products are transported via an accumulating conveyor into the machine. Here the products are placed in the desired configuration. By vacuum/grippers mounted to the 3-axis palletising arm the products are picked up and placed on the pallet.

  • The product infeed conveyor is driven by an electric motor
  • The robot arm is driven by servo drives for optimal precision and speed
  • This machine is standard equipped with product-picked-up detecteion and pallet height measuring.
  • Ergonomical accesible
  • Solid welded steel frame finished with a PU coating
  • omplete manual and built in accordance with CE requirements
  • The machine is PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen for operation and for displaying error messages
  • The touch screen features a USB connection for the download and upload of data
  • Also, the PLC has a connection for a TCP / IP connection. If required, we can send updates via this link
  • Change over into another format is an easy operation: change the gripper/vacuum end of arm tool, an handwheel with counter and change the program on the HMI.  The change over time is approximately 3 minutes, and without tools

Technical specifications:

Speed Maximum 7 strokes per minute, depending on configuration
Maximum product weight 180kg
Pallet sizes EURO or CHEP, others on request
Machine dimensions approx 4710 x 1600 x 3480 mm (L x W x H) without options
Compressed air 6 bar, clean dry air
Air consumption approx 400L/m, depending on picking method
Supply voltage 400V – 3 fase / N / earth 50Hz, others on request


  • 90 degree rotated infeed
  • 4th axis, with this feature, for example boxes can be rotated so labels show on all sides of the pallet.
  • multiple robot arms in one machine
  • integration in a complete in and out feed system
  • vacuumturbine to generate vacuum
  • orientator to align buckets/pails with handle
  • change parts rack
  • other requirements in consultation

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