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Packland: for all your destacking demands

For destacking empty containers from pallets, Packland offers a broad variety of machines. These systems are generally suitable for processing one type of product, with the exception of the robot destacker and the buffer table. Our standard machines can basically be used for three types of product groups: buckets, cans/pots, and bottles/jerry cans.

Nothing is impossible

Please note that the possibilities are not limited to the products mentioned above. If the product for which you want to obtain a destacking system is not among the items mentioned above, please let us know. Our developers are more than happy to assist you in designing a completely new machine for your unique product.

Our spectrum of destacking activities

Our current machines are particularly aimed at the following product categories:

  • Buckets

We have a fully automatic destacker for multiple types and shapes of buckets, of both plastic and metal, ranging from 2.5 to 35 litres, with different speeds.

  • Cans and pots

For cans and pots different machines can be used, among which a portal destacker, a semi-automatic buffer table for lower speeds, and a fully automatic robot destacker.

  • Bottles and jerry cans

For destacking bottles and jerry cans both a buffer table and a robot destacker can be used. These two systems are also suitable for cans and pots. The robot destacker has the advantage of being fully automatic.

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