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Packland bucket denester

The Packland bucket denester automatically destacks buckets/pails at speeds up to 35 buckets per minute. The sizes vary from 2.5 to 30 liters, both round, oval, hexagonal, rectangular, and square. After choosing the program, the machine automatically changes over to the desired format. The machine is also available as a twin track at speeds up to 70 buckets/pails per minute.

A stack of buckets/pails is manually placed on the infeed conveyor with the handles turned outward. After pressing the two hand controls, the stack is fed in on the buffer infeed conveyor of the machine. A tilting mechanism tilts the stack on the separating track, after which the stack is slid by means of a servo drive to the separating station. Here, each time the upper bucket pulled from the stack. After separating the bucket is put upright and fed out of the machine.

  • The bucket in and outfeed conveyors are driven by electric motors
  • Bucket separation is done by servo motors for maximum precision and speed
  • Complete manual and built in accordance with CE requirements
  • The machine is PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen for operation and for displaying error messages
  • The touch screen features a USB connection for the download and upload of data
  • Also, the PLC has a connection for a TCP / IP connection. If required, we can send updates via this link
  • Change over into another format is done by automatic adjustments, and depending on the bucket design 2-4 change parts. The changeover time is approximately 3 minutes and without tools

Technical specifications:

Machine speed Maximum 44 buckets per minute, depending on bucket size
Bucket material Metal, plastic
Bucket size Round, oval, hexagonal, square and rectangular. Equipped with handle or strap.
Minimum content: 2.5L.
Maximum content: 30L.
Other sizes available on request.
Machine dimensions approx 6000 x 1600 x 1800 mm (L x W x H) without options
Compressed air 6 bar, clean dry air
Air consumption approx 400L/m
Supply voltage 400V – 3 fase / N / earth 50Hz, others on request



  • short version: length approx 5000 mm
  • other wishes in consultation

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