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Packland Smartpack 2

The fully automatic Packland Smartpack 2 / CE case packer packages sealant and grease cartridges in American folding boxes.

The cartridges roll into the machine onto a chain conveyor. Here they are rotated 180 degrees so that the nozzles are at the top of the box. After this, the tubes are collected in a lift, and as a single package pushed into the box. The box is drawn downwardly from the upper magazine and thereby set up at the same time. After filling of the box, the box tilts upright and is transported out.

  • Equipped with integrated box magazine and case erector
  • Compact and ergonomically accessible
  • Solid welded steel frame finished with a PU coating
  • Complete manual and built in accordance with CE requirements
  • The machine is PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen for operation and for displaying error messages
  • The touch screen features a USB connection for the download and upload of data
  • Also, the PLC has a connection for a TCP / IP connection. If required, we can send updates via this link
  • Change over into another format is carried out with 3 handwheels with numeric counters, a slider body and a change part. The changeover time is approximately 5 minutes, and without tools

Technical specifications:

Packaging speed approx 72 tubes per minute, depending on configuration
Container types all standard 310mL cartridges
Box sizes 2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 2×6, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×4, 4×5, 4×6, 5×5, others on request
Machine dimensions approx 2250 x 1775 x 1990 mm (L x W x H) without options
Compressed air 6 bar, clean dry air
Air consumption approx 400L/m
Supply voltage 400V – 3 phase / N / earth 50Hz, others on request



  • automatic clipping station, up to 60 cartridges per minute
  • cartridge orientator for BAR coding or applying a label
  • external box closer
  • cartridges with fixed nozzles
  • change part rack
  • other requirements in cosultation

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